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Monday, October 02, 2006

Intellectual honesty

We're all riddled with inconsistencies. It's refreshing to read the work of a seemingly self-aware, intellectually honest fellow that's willing to own up to his inconsistencies. That being said, the last line of the post is a bit of a setup:

That said, in the heat of argument, what would you rather have sitting between the two combatants? A bottle of Buckie or a .44 Magnum?

It's true of course, that you'd probably rather have two combatants armed with cheap wine than firearms. But undoubtedly, we could find situations where we'd want the two folks to have a gun rather than a drink; two people being attacked by a bear, for example. I'm probably being too picky here for I'm sure his point is that, all in all, firearms are more destructive and dangerous to everday folks than cheap wine. Perhaps so.

Speaking of self-awareness and objectivity, check out one of my favorite papers on political disagreement.


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