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Friday, September 01, 2006

Label Loathing

I try not to take myself too seriously. I employ self-deprecating humor often. Hell, I showed up to work today (casual Friday) wearing a brown and yellow polyester shirt and sporting a Mohawk (more of a fauxhawk I suppose).

Though I sometimes enjoy wearing gaudy clothes, I prefer clean and simple wine labels. Classic even. Cute critter labels repel me. The Cayuse Bionic Frog label is probably the ugliest I've seen.

According to a recent article in Seattle Magazine, such grotesque er, whimsical labels communicate that the wine inside is carefree, fun and unpretentious. The labels are supposed to be inviting.

Well, they really turn me off. Maybe I just have a stick up my ass when it comes to wine labels.

[Ed. Well, there is that picture of you in SC with a bottle up your ass]. Yes, but the label on that bottle of 1996 Chateau Corbin Michotte was perfectly tasteful.


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