Inferior Good: Diminishing Marginal Stupidity in Action

Friday, October 06, 2006

Who's the maniac?

I was driving through downtown yesterday, heading home from Pike & Western Wine Shop (where I picked up the Deiss wine I blogged about on Tuesday). On the way, I passed a group of people calling for, among other things, the impeachment of President Bush and his indictment for war crimes. One protestor hoisted a professionally printed sign with the message "Impeach Homicidal Maniacs". Many of the other signs featured similar messages.

Do people think hyperbole will further their cause, or are they simply disconnected from reality? I can understand a person disagreeing with Mr. Bush’s policies (I certainly disagree with many of them). I can understand a person believing he’s incompetent, or perhaps even of questionable character. But a homicidal maniac? Please.


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