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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

2002 Jose Maria Da Fonseca Periquita

Periquita ("little parrot") is the nickname for the Castelao grape upon which this wine is based (70% Castelao, 20% Trincadeira and 10% Aragonez). Castelao is a relatively acidic varietal, whereas Trincadeira and Aragonez (aka Tempranillo) are relatively low in acidity.

Periquita comes from a part of Portugal south of Lisbon called Terras do Sado, featuring both sandy and clay-lime soils. The wine is aged for 5 months in a combination of new and used oak.

Periquita is the oldest brand of Portuguese table wine. Jose Maria Da Fonseca began marketing wine under the name Periquita in the mid 19th century, using grapes planted on a property know as Cova de Periquita.

I really like this wine. Periquita is medium-bodied with good acidity and smooth, soft tannins. It delivers red berry fruit and a pleasing tobacco finish. This wine is juicy, a good red wine to enjoy in hot weather. And best of all perhaps, Periquita tastes like few wines I’ve had at this price. It’s refreshing to have something different.

$7.99 at Esquin Wine Merchants, imported by Palm Bay Imports, Inc.

ADDENDUM: Another version called Periquita Classico is produced in select vintages. Here is Jancis Robinson's glowing review of the 1995 Periquita Classico.


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