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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wine Blogging Wednesday #26: Where's Wino?

Beau at Basic Juice is hosting this month’s installment of Wine Blogging Wednesday.

Beau asks that each participant pen a tasting note for a red wine from Spain, France, or Washington (USA) or a white wine from Italy, Oregon (USA), or New York (USA). Beau will post each tasting note apart from the wine's name and region. Then, we will try to match each tasting note to its corresponding wine. Whoever gets the most correct will earn a prize.

So I'll post my tasting note today, but I'll not reveal the wine's name, region, etc. until after the game is over.

Here’s my tasting note:

This light to medium bodied red blend has a floral character and provides pleasingly restrained blueberry fruit. The wine is quite bright and fresh. While it had enough structure to successfully accompany my grilled rib eye, it’s definitely a juicy wine; it has a succulence that makes ya want to gulp it down.

Join in on the fun over at Basic Juice!


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