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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Having a kid's gonna be sweet

My wife is 11 weeks pregnant. A few days ago, we saw the little dude moving around via ultrasound. We’ll probably learn the gender in a few weeks at her next appointment. My wife’s been really tired and feels sick often, but hopefully that will ease up as she moves in to the 2nd trimester. The due date is February 14th 2007. It’s a relief to finally be able to tell everybody. We're both very excited.

Henceforth, our lives will be singularly devoted to making little Jimmy/Jenny the best. Only the limitations of our feeble bodies will bound the love, devotion and adoration we shower on this child. Unless of course he/she turns out to be a total dork or, worse, a vegetarian. In that case, the child will receive ridicule and scorn.

But seriously, we're really looking forward to getting some help around the house. In a few years, we figure we won't have to do ANYTHING.... the kids will cook dinner, mow the lawn, go to work, etc. It's going to be awesome. I bet I could even make them wash your car or something, so come over if you need something done.


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