Inferior Good: Diminishing Marginal Stupidity in Action

Sunday, July 30, 2006


On his excellent blog The Pour, Eric Asimov asks “What is the role of the wine critic?” To me, one must first ask “What is the role of wine?” As I’ve written before, I agree with the Washington Post’s Ellen McCarthy who wrote, “The pursuit of good wine is part culture, part science, part geography, all in a framework of merriment and indulgence.” So for me then, the wine critic’s role is to address those aspects of wine and, even better, to challenge and expand my wine worldview, my err… vineanschauung if you will. [Ed. Actually, I won’t allow that term you unfunny, pompous twit.] Ouch, that’s rather uncharitable. Go easy on me Chief, I had a tough weekend.


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