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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Flying without your wine

As you drive to the airport, you reflect on the wonderful times you had in the Napa Valley wine country (or Walla Walla, Okanagan, The Finger Lakes, etc.). Though your trip is almost over, you won't soon forget the fine dining, beautiful vistas, and many, many delicious glasses of wine you enjoyed. Even better, you know the bottles of wine in your bag promise to transport you back there at your leisure.

Unfortunately, you don't know you'll be forced to surrender those bottles of wine to airport security. That's right, your money and memories we'll be left in the terminal due to new requirements for air travel.

Undoubtedly, many folks experienced this scenario today. Of course, the goal of tighter airport security is more important than a few bottles of wine. But giving up said bottles is nevertheless a big bummer.

UPDATE: Alder says, "now they're fucking with my wine."


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